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Let's Make: Stamped Gift Wrap

'Tis the most magical time of the year! 'Tis also the most expensive and over-commercialised time of the year. So if you'd like a little handmade goodness in your holidays, here's a simple method for producing your own gift wrap. All the supplies can be bought from the dollar store. You'll wrap all your gifts for a few bucks, and they'll look way classier than with cheesy store-bought wrap. Now, I'm not claiming to be a better...

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A Question: The Nooks and Crannies of Food and Drink

How to Cook Normal Things Normally in your Normal Kitchen classes are fun and good and nice and useful, but let's be honest: we love niche food classes. Like, love love niche food classes.

There's something alluring about digging down deep into an unknown topic - we've covered how to cook Ethiopian and shopping in Chinatown, we did three weeks on pizza and a whole night on bánh mì. In January we're looking at sour...

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Let's Make: Mock Apple Pie

A few weeks ago, Soma introduced me to the most amazing food in the world: mock apple pie. I was skeptical, for sure, but I promise it's really, really good, and you should make one. 

First though, what exactly is a "mock apple pie?" It's a weird and wonderful concoction of Ritz Crackers that manages to taste appley without any apples at all! Amazing!

And why would you bother making it?

* Maybe you're craving the...

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New York City Cemetery Wrap Up: Part Three

And finally, part three of our brief tour of New York City's cemeteries. Part one, and part two. Thanks to Allison for putting together the most thorough class wrap up ever seen around these parts!

City Cemeteries

City or town cemeteries were established on the outskirts of development, but they have since been devoured by New York’s sprawl. One that still exists is the Friends Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park, which was originally...

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Our Teachers Do Awesome Things - Food Edition

We're lucky to have an incredibly talented assortment of chefs, writers, and wonderfully curious people sharing their knowledge on all things food at the Brainery.

You can track them down on their personal sites below, and let us know if we should offer their classes again by clicking the "Want us to repeat this class?" button on each course page. 

Emilie Friedman

Teaches: Make Your Own Ravioli and Latkes!

Find her at: ...

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