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Second semester registration is open!

Get hyped, 'cause registration is open for our second semester! Each course meets once a week for a month, so there's plenty of time to dig deep into the topic. We've expanded from four courses to six, and we are ready to get our learn on:

The ever-popular Meat is back, since I can't get enough of introducing people to Chinatown beef jerky. If you've ever wanted to cure bacon or wondered what to do with top round, this is...

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crowd control

Man, classes are filling up like crazy - we only have a few spots left in Looking At Things, grab 'em while we got 'em (and learn to stop talking about art like a third grader)!  If you missed your chance, get thee to our mailing list if you want to hear about when we open next semester's courses up for registration.

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time out new york!

Hey hey we're in Time Out New York! We sound alarmingly interesting in it, too.

In other news I got one of the telescope building books for Optical Collusion in the mail yesterday and it is crazy. Did you know you shouldn't look at stars over the tops of houses? Apparently heat rises off of roofs at night and creates distortion in the air which makes the stars flickery and blurrier. You're already struggling enough trying to get your...

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Registration is open open open open oooopeeeen! You can now sign up for classes to your heart's content. 

$25 apiece, and if you want to take multiples sign up for one and drop us an email and we can try to cut you a break on the rest.

Let's do an overview:

Scents & Sensibility: I'm teaching this one because F.I.T. wouldn't let me take a class about perfume! And because it's a good excuse to make a bunch of stuff with my ice cream...

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