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Introducing: Vintage Visualizations

Did you want awesome prints of age-old maps and data viz? No sweat, we've got you covered with a brand-new project: Vintage Visualizations.

Once upon a time, long long ago, the United States had just fought the Civil War and was terribly embarrassed about it. "Oh goodness gracious," the government thought. "What did Europe think?"

We needed to do something that made us seem awesome, and so the Census Bureau released a series of gorgeous...

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Like classical music and parties? Check out Groupmuse

We were really excited to learn about Groupmuse and wanted to help spread the word! Groupmuse organizes classical music parties--groupmuses--hosted in people's living rooms throughout the United States.


They've got a couple of big groupmuses coming up:

Saturday, December 6 - Pioneer Works in Red Hook is hosting a 250-person capacity groupmuse! A Mendelssohn string octet will two sets. Suggested donation: $10-$15 for...

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Prospect Park: Did you know...

Some surprising facts from Patrick Lamson-Hall's great class on the park's history:

  • The north part of what is now Prospect Park was once a dumping ground for trash. People avoided it: It was smelly, and somehow, they thought this caused venereal diseases.
  • Prospect Park is the only urban Revolutionary War battlefield that still largely looks the way it did at the time of the battle.
  • After designing Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted managed a...

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