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Fingernails: Great Auspices of Personality

If ever you thought, hey, I wonder what my fingernails say about me, then oh boy, is this the place for you.

There's a whole bunch of superstition about fingernails and how you could read into them (much like reading the lines of a palm), but the most comprehensive and awesome database I found was from this book: Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astonishing Facts and Useful Information, published in 1889. That's a serious title for a book, but it...

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Sign up for: Flower Arranging, Wine Tasting + Envelope Making

From card counting to the evolution of the English language, we have all kinds of new classes lined up for the rest of December and into January. 

You can make all your own gifts--flower bouquets, savory relishes and sweet fruit butters, recycled envelopes--and learn how to pick wine for the dinner table, meaning you'll never need to go to the mall for gifts ever again. Of course, there's way more, so check out the full list, and pick up...

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Let's Make: Coriander-Mint Chutney

I was popping a link to our tamarind chutney how-to into our course release email when I realized we're still missing out on the other 50% of my favorite Indian condiments. That being, of course, coriander-mint chutney.

It's the green one. Tamarind chutney? That's brown one.

The most important part of coriander-mint chutney is that it's actually cilantro-mint chutney, because outside of the U.S. the herb we call cilantro is called coriander...

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Meat Class Honor Roll

In my classes about meat, I make a big deal about the differences between particular cuts. Brisket is tough so you need to cook it for a long time to break down the sinewy bits, while you can roast a fatty part of the chuck in the oven without worrying about it drying out. Blah blah blah, etc etc etc. This goes on forever for each and every part of the animal.

I was reading the longwindedly-named Home Production of Quality Meats and...

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December S.A.S.S. Meeting: Russia!

December's meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies will take place on Tuesday, December 6 at Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street, in the far north (or, you know, Williamsburg).

This month's mini-lectures are all about Russia, a perfect topic for getting you in a cold-weather state of mind. It's free, entertaining, and there's lots of booze to be had--do you really need any convincing? Doors open at 7, first...

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