Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates, hooray! Give someone the gift of a little time spent learning something new.

Purchase a Gift Certificate

Is this for a birthday or other holiday? Pick a date and we'll wait to email it until then.

Put it toward any class of any length! Most of our classes last from 1-3 weeks, and range from $5-$75 - past classes have focused on everything from historic cocktails to DNA to cryptography.

You get to pick a day that you want it emailed over to the recipient (Plan ahead for birthdays or Christmases or Arbor Days or whatever!).

Gift certificates never expire!

When your giftee signs up for a class, they'll enter the secret code in the email they received, and there you go!

If you'd like a fancy shmancy PDF to print out, both the buyer and the recipient get emailed one. If you'd like it to be a real big surprise, you can always buy it for yourself and then hand the printout over to your friend!

Seems like about it. Simple, right? Email us with any questions.