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Study Session: Planet Counting

Study Session is a review of a test we presented to everyone at a party ages and ages ago. Follow along with the whole test here.

2. How many planets would they count on July 17, 1844? 

A. 5

B. 7

C. 8

D. 9

The number of planets has historically been way more fluid than you'd think, but I'm happy to report that on July 17, 1844 scientists In The Know would steadfastly put the number at SEVEN. The question was kind of a low blow,...

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Next Week at the Brainery: 10/29-11/8

First off, if it's before 10am Saturday, you can nab the last spot in our all-day Make Your Own Stationery class. It's going to be cold and you won't want to be outside anyway, so you might as well learn about phototransfers. 

What else are we doing next week?

Monday: We're taking the night off and OMG are we excited about it. Everyone's got better things to do on Halloween than learn stuff, right?

We'll probably send out some new classes...

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November 8: SASS Takes on the Civil War

Two big pieces of news for next month's meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies

What's different?

1) It's on Tuesday, November 8

2) It's at Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street (best fact: the building used to be a mayonnaise factory.)

What's the same?

Everything else! Still 7pm, still free, still educational/fun, still full of themed drink specials.

This month's topic is the Civil War, and, since everyone in the...

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James Garfield's Wacky Assassination

The other day, for some reason I can't quite explain, I was looking into the 1881 death of one of our most overlooked presidents: James A. Garfield, Republican of Ohio. 

You've got to feel for Garfield, considering he only lasted 200 days as prez and spent the last 80 of them dying slowly and painfully. (Only poor William Henry Harrison's 32-day term was shorter.) In fact, dying in a fairly exciting fashion might be Garfield's...

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Meatshares, Medieval History, + MYO Everything: New Fall Classes!

We just put up a whole batch of new classes, for the remainder of October and heading into November. They'll fill up fast, so hop on over to the courses page and register now! 

What've we got? Baking Science, PowerPoint Design, No-Knead Bread, Stamped Jewelry, a five week Introductory Spanish class, a wide-ranging look at Medieval History, and way, way more. 

In addition, you should head over on Thursday, October 27 for a free...

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