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We're Coming to Park Slope in October 2018


We're coming to Park Slope this fall! Our new spot is in a lovely historic storefront on 8th Avenue + 11th Streetright off the F/G trains to 7th Ave. We have a great lineup of classes already planned (see below!) starting in mid-October. 

As you can probably imagine, opening a new spot is a challenge, and, as always, your support is what keeps us going.  If you'd like to help us with the new space,...

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How-to: Make Cold Process Soap

Homemade soap is the perfect gift for the holidays or just about anytime, and, once you have the ingredients on hand, you can whip up a (large) batch in about an hour. It's also a project that really lends itself to experimentation and customization. I learned a couple of years ago in our soap-making class and find it's a project that really delivers - it's super satisfying, relatively easy, and makes for a great finished product. 


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Updated: we need kitten adopters!

Updated Sept 22, 2018

After stumbling upon a big feral cat colony in Sunset Park where none of the adults are fixed, we've been working to try and grab all of the adoptable kittens before they get too old to be socialized or sick from the elements. (Update: two female adults have been spayed so far, and we think they're the only moms at the colony for now.). And let's just say, there were a whole lot of kittens born this summer. We...

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Supply List: Tie Dye

Want to get your hands dirty and relive summer camp with some tie dye this summer? You absolutely should, and it's surprisingly easy. 

Fiber Reactive Dye

The bright colors you may associate with tie dye are known as fiber reactive procion dyes. They come in just about every color, and our favorite source for them is Dharma Trading. They're also available from Jacquard at your local art store, or on Amazon. Fiber reactive dyes...

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