Refund Policy

Update - March 10, 2020 for COVID-19

Yes, all classes are on as normal. Of course, take care of yourself first and if you feel like you are at high risk or feeling sick, please don't expose others. We encourage everyone to wash their hands as often as they'd like at our sinks for the 20 seconds recommended. I have been cleaning the spaces with disinfectants each day, and wiping down knobs and handles more than once, in addition to all the normal cleaning. Disinfecting wipes are available as well if you'd like to use them. Please be smart and careful and know yourself! 

For the next few weeks, we'll be relaxing our refund policy and offering class credit for anyone who is sick/potentially exposed to COVID-19 or in a high-risk group. Email me at as soon as you know you're unable to come to a class and I'll be issuing gift certificates. To qualify for a credit, please be sure to let me know before class. 

General Policy:

If you're looking for a refund or class credit, you need to back out of the class a full week before it starts. (No exceptions!) We know it's draconian, but since we aren't charging an arm and a leg and have to buy all our materials in advance, it's kinda hard to deal with last-minute bailings. 

We also can't transfer registrations to a future session of the class. Sorry! 

Instead of dropping out if you have a schedule conflict, a better idea is to ask around and see if any of your friends want the spot. We can't give you a refund less than a week out, even if there's a wait list for the class. 

Regarding bad weather, we generally only cancel classes if the subway system stops running. If traveling during snowstorms might be an issue for you, please take this into account before registering for a class.