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Who are we?

Brooklyn Brainery is accessible education, crowdsourced to our local community.

We host affordable classes on anything and everything, all determined by the things you want to learn and teach. It's a place to experiment with all kinds of topics, hobbies, and ideas — think book clubs on steroids.

We're located in Prospect Heights a stone's throw from Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza.

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Current classes

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Paper mache listing
Embroidery 2 listing
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The risen christ ca 1532 listing
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Global listing
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Dim listing
Lipbalm listing
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Icecream 1 listing
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Juggling classes new york city listing
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Janebrucepatternfusing listing
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Improv listing

Interested in what we've done before? Check out ice cream, Spanish, DNA, card games and more on our past course listings.