Help Pop Pop!

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on feb 14, 2024 under Blog Post

As you probably know, we also run a cat rescue named Cat Republic, and we often take in severe medical cases. Pop Pop is our latest sick baby, and we really need everyone's help to continue to treat him. 


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Pop Pop is the sweetest old man around - he purrs the second you look at him and loves belly rubs. But poor Pop Pop has been quite sick and needs our help to get through this severe medical crisis. He was surrendered by his caretaker to NYCACC in early February after having 3 urinary obstructions in a few weeks. But, more concerningly, Pop Pop hadn't eaten for a month. In large cats like him, not eating can lead to fatty liver disease very quickly, and unfortunately it can be life threatening if not treated. 

We took over Pop Pop's care from ACC and he's now at VERG Animal Hospital in Brooklyn receiving the best possible supportive care. He's anemic, has elevated liver values, a high white blood cell count and is nauseous. We were delighted to learn today that he does not have liver cancer and the doctors are hopeful he can recover. He's received a blood transfusion, is on two different antibiotics, and being fed through a tube in his nose directly to his stomach, as he is so nauseous he's having trouble keeping down food through his esophageal tube. 

We have seen many seniors recover over the years to lead happy, long lives, and we are hopeful Pop Pop will be our next success story, but we need your help to pay for his hospitalization, which is already at $10,000 after 48 hours. 

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