**We're not able to add any new teachers for the next few months - outreach will continue in early 2017!**

Teaching at the Brainery isn't about being a world-famous expert on a topic, it's about being excited to help people learn the things you're already excited about.

Whether you're a statistics geek, bottle kombucha in your kitchen, are a grad student in something awesome, or have just read far too many books about a topic, we want you to lead a class! People out there are interested in everything, and when you share your knowledge, everyone benefits.

Teaching experience is extremely helpful, but even more important is being organized and flexible in the face of a bit of chaos and being comfortable in front of a crowd. 

What kind of classes are you guys looking for?

We love classes of all sorts, and we're especially looking for teachers in things on the list below. Our classes tend toward the recreational, and we usually don't host  a ton of dating/romance, super techy, professional development classes or classes for children. (There are lots of awesome places for those classes though, and we're more than happy to pass on a list!)

Quirky Crafts
History of ____ (anything at all!)
Building Circuits
Understanding Electricity
Jungian Archetypes
Sign Painting (old school style)
Weather and Meteorology
Lighting (Design, Mechanics, etc)
Exotic Fruit
Things You Learned in Middle School
The Brain
Mythology + Folktales
Textile Design
Food History
Political Philosophy
Art History
Urban Planning

The general rule of thumb is the quirkier the better. We want to have classes you can't find anywhere else, whether they're super academic or precisely the opposite. 

How do you go about creating a class?

What kind of class you lead is up to you -- hands on, lecture, field trippy -- they're all cool with us. Different styles work for different topics, and we'll totally work with you to figure out what's best for your subject.

Classes are generally one session and about 90 minutes long. 

And what about getting paid?

You've got a couple options:

You volunteer.

We try our best to keep classes accessible and charge enough to cover materials and rent. If you've never taught a class before, we'll lead you through what we've found works and what doesn't and work with you to come up with a good setup. Plus you can take a couple classes for free in exchange for your time. 

You get paid $35/hour.

Since everyone's gotta eat - if you have teaching experience, we'll pay you $35/hr for your time. If you don't have experience yet, teach a class first as a volunteer, and then you have your teaching experience taken care of! We'd love to have you come back and teach again and again. 

Of course, there're exceptions to any and every rule, so email us with any questions and pitch yourself as a teacher on our suggestion page! We're always a little overwhelmed with suggestions, so it can take us some time to get back to you, but don't worry if you don't hear back right away.