About Us


What we do

We host casual classes for curious adults about all sorts of things: from physics to Australian desserts, from HTML to shorthand and just about every nook and cranny in between. 

All of our course topics are dreamed up and suggested by you, and our teachers are a group of awesome people from around Brooklyn and the whole city. Anyone can teach--you just need a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others. We do all the planning, taking care of sign ups, marketing, and materials, so you can focus on the important stuff (teaching, duh).

Classes are generally one or two weeks long, and we keep them as inexpensive as possible while still covering the overhead that comes with having a physical space. 

Please note our classes are all intended for adults only! 

What we teach

If you can make it, read it or think it, we're probably open to it. It can be crafty, foody, academic-y, whatever you'd like. All our classes are aimed at adults.

Where are we?

You can find us our main location 190 Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights (map below) and we couldn't be more excited. The closest trains are the 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza or the B/Q to 7th Avenue. 

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In November 2016, we added an annex location at 1233 Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace. 

The F/G trains to Fort Hamilton Ave will take you almost to our door, just be sure to get out on the Prospect Ave & Reeve Place entrance. 

What are classes like?

The easy answer is that every class is totally different (it's also true)!  Some of our teachers are pros at what they do, some are hobbyists, and some are curious people like yourselves who teach in order to explore a topic further in depth. 

No matter what the class and who is teaching, our classes are laid back, fun, and participatory. No one will ever scowl at you for showing up late, and your involvement in class--whether through discussion or something hands on--is what makes them all the more awesome.

Where do I sign up?

Check out our course catalog and sign up for our mailing list, below:


Who are you guys?

We're SomaJen, Becca and Mariya.

Do you have gift certifcates?

Yep, sure do!

What if I don't live in NYC? Do you guys have online classes?

Not yet, but we do have Dabbler, the next best thing. Each month, you'll get a well-curated package on a specific topic dropped off in your (electronic) inbox that'll help you discover a new hobby, gain a new skill, do a fun project, or learn something just plain useful. Read all about it and sign up at dabbles.in.

Can I bring my dog to class? 

Sorry, no dogs are allowed at classes. 

Can I advertise or partner with you guys?

We have lots of opportunities for product and event sponsorship. Contact us for all the deets; we'd love to work with you!  

Gift Certificate Donations:

We're a small company but are happy to donate gift certificates to your fundraiser as much as possible. Please email your request to info@brooklynbrainery.com

Find us:

190 Underhill Ave, in Prospect Heights and 1233 Prospect Ave in Windsor Terrace.

Twitter: @bkbrains

Facebook: facebook.com/brooklynbrainery

Instagram: @bkbrains

Contact us!

Address all love letters to info@brooklynbrainery.com. Email us there too for gift certificate donation requests for fundraisers. 

Refund policy

If you're looking for a refund, you need to back out of the class a week before it starts. We know it's draconian, but since we're not charging a million bucks, it's kinda hard to deal with last-minute bailings. Instead of dropping out if you have a schedule conflict, a better idea is to ask around your friends and see if anyone would take your spot, then just get money from them! We also can't switch you between class sessions or give any sort of refund after the class happens.

PS! Some of the links on our page are Amazon affiliate links, which helps us make a little extra each month. Thanks for your support!