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We love local talent. Are you into baking pies, building bikes, reciting Rilke, repairing engines, or anything at all? Brooklyn Brainery is always looking for people who are interested in absolutely anything to get involved in classes. Read more about teaching, then pitch your idea!

Pitch Your Class

Howdy, I'm and I'd like to teach a class about . You can reach me at .

Classes are usually Monday-Thursday evenings, and sometimes on the weekend. Any days of the week work better for you?

Can we get some more details on how you see the class going? Should it be hands-on? More of a lecture? What are you thinking about covering?

Optional stuff

Give us a few more details if you want!
Have you taught before? What materials might you need? Link us to your site if it's relevant!

Upload something
Resumes, course outlines or other materials. PDF's only, please!