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Gift Certificates for the Holidays (or anytime!)

If you're just looking for a cool present for your very best friend, office secret santa, or your cousin who just moved to NYC, be sure to pick up a gift certificate that can be used toward any class at any time.

Gift certificates can be sent electronically directly to your recipient on the date of your choosing, or you can choose to print a pdf to gift in real life. Plus they never expire! 

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Introducing: Vintage Visualizations

Did you want awesome prints of age-old maps and data viz? No sweat, we've got you covered with a brand-new project: Vintage Visualizations

Once upon a time, long long ago, the United States had just fought the Civil War and was terribly embarrassed about it. "Oh goodness gracious," the government thought. "What did Europe think?"

We needed to do something that made us seem awesome, and so the Census Bureau released a series of...

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Our Pesky Neighbors: Learn about Vermin & Pests at the Brooklyn Historical Society

This fall, we're partnering with the Brooklyn Historical Society to bring you discussions about some of our city's favorite wildlife. 

Part 1: Pigeons - Monday, November 7

Learn about the "rats of the sky": pigeons. Find out how they got here and how they've adapted so well to our urban environment.

Part 2: Bugs - Monday, November 14

Cockroaches or bed bugs, which are worse? Entomologists, exterminators, and other experts...

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Literary Agent One-on-One Meetings: September 24

How can you as a writer make sure your work will get the attention of an editor or agent? What should you be doing to improve your chances of getting published?

Sam Hiyate, literary agent and former publisher will be giving one-on-one meetings to review and give professional advice on your query letter and a 20 page writing sample. Fiction and non-fiction welcome. 

Limited time slots available on Saturday, September 24. Each...

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Drawing + Mindfulness Retreat

This fall, join Brainery teacher Christine Garvey and Josh Bobrow in exploring the relationship between presence and creativity at their Drawing + Mindfulness Retreat in the Catskills. Through a combination of restorative and flow yoga, guided meditation and mindfulness workshops, and a dedicated drawing-from-observation course, students will explore a rich and multi-faceted mindfulness practice that aims to create space for...

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