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Free Event! The Mysteries of Ice Cream on April 29

It might not be prime ice cream eating weather quite yet, but for this month's Masters of Social Gastronomy lecture, we're bringing summertime to Brooklyn no matter what the thermometer says. 

Hear the tale of vanilla ice cream, a commonplace flavor with a rare and exotic past. We'll take a hard look at the science that makes ice cream tick and see if we can harness the DIY spirit to craft up astronaut ice cream in your very own...

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Book Review

For Your Bookshelf: Reads By Brainery Teachers

Have you ever taken a class here at the Brainery and wished you could learn even more from your awesome teacher? You're in luck! Some of our amazing teachers have written equally amazing books!

In this episode of "Books By Brainery Teachers" we're focusing on three books in the food realm. We highly recommend each of these books and if you like what you read, you'll love the classes the authors teach.


The Chinese Takeout Cookbook by Diana...

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Taste Test: Tarkhun, aka Tarragon Soda

We picked up a bottle of tarkhun, or tarragon soda, while shopping in Brighton Beach the other day--I couldn't resist the color, an incredibly bright shade of green that manages to mimic the color of grass while appearing  unnatural when captured in a glass bottle. I loved it and couldn't wait to give it a try.

In contrast to the intense color, the flavor of the soda is pleasantly understated. We all picked up on the vaguely licorice...

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Free Event! Understanding the College Admissions Timeline

Join us on Saturday, April 12, at 9:30am for a look at the college admissions process with Dr. Joie Jager-Hyman. 

RSVP here. 

More details: 

When should you or your student begin preparing for college admissions, and what, exactly, needs to be done? This class will offer a comprehensive timeline, spanning freshman to senior year, of how to best prepare your student to apply to college.

Topics covered within this...

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