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Class Recap

Irrational Decisions wrapup

Kyle's How To Make Irrational Decisions wrapped up on Monday. I took plenty of notes, so let's go through the things that complicate the choices we make, then look at what we can do to make our decisions easier!

Why Making Decisions Is So Hard

Every time we make a decision, we're looking at two different parts of the result, what we get and when we get it. Sometimes deciding between the two is easy. Do I want $50 or $80? I'll take...

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Semester Kickoff Party Debriefing

Our Semester Kickoff Party last Saturday was an awesome success! Not only did we ring in the new semester, but we also demolished 55 pounds of crawfish and raised around $500 towards getting our own space. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out!

Here are a million pictures of the crawfish boil on Facebook. We were hosted by the ever-gracious LaunchPad, which you should totally stop by if you happen to be in the area....

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What we're up to

Honestly, a lot is about to happen.

We'll be releasing our May semester course list this week, with not six but with an amazing eight different classes, spanning the gamut from perfume to brain science. Get on the mailing list for first dibs.

Workshops are on the way! Instead of dedicating yourself to something for a full four weeks (it's hard, we know), we're going to start pulling out one day short courses. We'll try to...

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