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Supply List: Tie Dye

Want to get your hands dirty and relive summer camp with some tie dye this summer? You absolutely should, and it's surprisingly easy. 

Fiber Reactive Dye

The bright colors you may associate with tie dye are known as fiber reactive procion dyes. They come in just about every color, and our favorite source for them is Dharma Trading. They're also available from Jacquard at your local art store, or on Amazon. Fiber reactive dyes...

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Things to Read + Watch, from our teachers!

A recent collection of videos and articles from Brainery teachers!

A Brief History of Irish Food lecture - the always-wonderful Sarah Lohman streamed her talk on the history of Irish food back in March, and you can watch it on Facebook anytime!

America's Mysterious Lost Tree - Allison Meier writes about the Franklinia alatamaha, a tree of mysterious origin that only exists in cultivation

Suminagashi Dreams: Episode I - artist Linh My...

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Check out "The Flower Kitchen" on Craftsy!

One of our favorite people, the very talented Carly Cylinder, is debuting a show on Craftsy all about floral arranging, called "The Flower Kitchen."

If you've taken a class with Carly or have her book, you know she's a ton of fun to spend time with and has a wonderful way with flowers, and we're excited to see her take it to the internet! 

You can watch her new show through Craftsy Unlimited, where there are something like 1300 other...

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