Foster Moonlight!

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on apr 15, 2019 under Blog Post

You might remember Moonlight, the dumped cat with giant tumors, from our newsletter a few weeks back.

Thanksfully, she had the masses removed in early April, along with a ton of her teeth pulled, and both of the masses ended up being benign! Moonlight is doing great these days and working on gaining lots of weight, and she'd love to chill in a foster home where she doesn't have to deal with my other annoying cats.

Moonlight is a funny lady who loves sleeping in her cave most of the time, but she'll also talk your ear off while asking for head rubs. Let us know if you'd be interested in rooming with her after April 25th! If you can't foster but still want to contribute to her recovery, donations are more than happily accepted to our nonprofit, Cat Republic

UPDATE: Moonlight is in a foster as of late June! She's enjoying all of the attention that comes with being the only cat. If you're interested in adding Moonlight to your family permanently, please let us know! 

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