We're Coming to Park Slope in October 2018

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We're coming to Park Slope this fall! Our new spot is in a lovely historic storefront on 8th Avenue + 11th Streetright off the F/G trains to 7th Ave. We have a great lineup of classes already planned (see below!) starting in mid-October. 

As you can probably imagine, opening a new spot is a challenge, and, as always, your support is what keeps us going.  If you'd like to help us with the new space, please join us for a class or purchase a gift certificate for a friend (or yourself!).


SOLD OUT October 9 Fall Mini Floral Wreaths - transform a grapevine base into a classic yet funky door wreath 
SOLD OUT October 14 Intro to Backpacking - learn the skills necessary for solo or group backpacking

October 14 Writing Science Fiction - writing science fiction means writing about society, about culture, about love, failure, heartbreak, and joy

October 16 + 30 Block Printing on Textiles - learn to carve and print repeated designs on fabric

SOLD OUT October 17 Tarot Card Basics - unpack the mysteries and intuitive insights available through Tarot 

October 18 Haunted History: The Lost Franklin Expedition - In 1845, Captain John Franklin left England with two ships on a mission to discover the fabled Northwest Passage, but no one from his expedition ever returned

October 18 7000 Years of Magic - trace the journey of magic through its exciting and hotly debated formative years

October 21 The Woodland Terrarium - creating a mini New York with leafy foliage, creeping moss, and lots of stones and bark

October 22 Fossil Hunting Near NYC - nothing beats the thrill of finding a fossil knowing that you are the first to set eyes on it since it was buried in mud eons ago (classroom session)

October 22 History's Most Notorious Female Killers - from Countess Bathory to Belle Gunness, this lecture will cover a millennium of violence and mayhem committed by women

October 23 Long-Distance Hiking the Catskills - explore three multi-day hikes that cover different regions of the Catskills

SOLD OUT October 24 Intro to Embroidery: Making a Sampler - learn eight essential stitches while making a decorative sampler

October 26   Tapestry Weaving for Beginners - learn to make a small tapestry style weaving from start to finish

October 28 On the Spot: A Crash Course in Improv Comedy - try out supportive, fun and educational exercises to establish confidence to pursue further professional training, find your funny and ultimately command the stage

October 29 Buying Your First Home in NYC - from open houses to the closing table

October 29 Haunted History: Bog Bodies of Iron Age Europe - learn about the eerily well-preserved remains of hundreds of people found in the swamps and peaty wetlands of northern Europe

SOLD OUT November 1 Fundamentals of Astrology - explore the signs, planets, houses and aspects and what these things signify in our lives

SOLD OUT November 3 + 17 Intro to DSLR and Mirrorless Photography - how DSLRs work + photography basics

November 5   Pop Music Breakdown: "Paranoid Android" - what makes a song great?

November 5   How to Meditate II - a deeper foray into mindfulness

November 10 Tarot Two - explore expanded tarot spreads and use the cards to divine timing

November 10 Indoor Bonsai Growing - Learn the creative and philosophical art form with bonsai that will bring peace and happiness all year indoors

November 13 Interviewing People - tips and techniques for capturing great stories from your human subjects

starts November 17 Portrait Photography Essentials - amp up your portraiture skills in this streamlined, four-session course

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