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Hey everyone!

First and most importantly, we're about to open a whole new round of classes next week - keep an eye out here and sign up for the mailing list to hear about 'em first!

If you're interested in the stuff we covered last semester, check out a few course wrap-ups on coffee and NYC history (part 1 and part 2).

What else? We're seriously hunting for a permanent space, spending half the day scrolling...

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Coffee Class Wrap Up!

For the past couple of weeks, our coffee class has benefited from some serious expertise from the folks at Cafe Grumpy and Blue Bottle Coffee. I learned a ton from them about sourcing beans, roasting them up, and turning them into deliciousness, a bit of which is below.

What's a coffee bean anyhow?  I don't think I'd ever really considered where coffee comes from, biologically and botanically. Turns out it's the seed of a cherry-like...

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Class Recap

Quick Skyline Guide

Last night we wrapped up our NYC history class in Dumbo, going over some of the history of the various buildings along the skyline.  Here's a super quick summary of the highlights, and huge thanks to everyone in the class for their ridiculously thorough research. 

1. Staten Island Ferry Terminals - I don't think the buildings themselves are terribly interesting, but the Ferry itself is full of good facts: it carries 21 million...

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Class Recap

Field Trips

This semester's class on the history of Downtown and Brooklyn is taking on a motley (you could say random) group of neighborhoods during our four weeks. 

Partially this is because there's just way too much stuff to learn about in four 90 minute meetings; partially it's a way to try and fit lots of topics in, and partially it's an excuse to do lots of the stuff I've been meaning to do and see since I moved here.  Since there's no...

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Things We Learned This Week

Our latest semester started Monday, with five classes on five wildly different topics. Here's a couple of my favorite facts from each:

NYC History - I spent the entire weekend reading Forgotten New York and memorizing exceedingly arbitrary things about Brooklyn's streets and neighborhoods.

Want some facts? Before Brooklyn was King's County, it was six separate towns; one of them, New Utrecht, was founded by a pirate and his "somtimes...

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