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Registration is open open open open oooopeeeen! You can now sign up for classes to your heart's content. 

$25 apiece, and if you want to take multiples sign up for one and drop us an email and we can try to cut you a break on the rest.

Let's do an overview:

Scents & Sensibility: I'm teaching this one because F.I.T. wouldn't let me take a class about perfume! And because it's a good excuse to make a bunch of stuff with my ice cream maker in the name of Science.

Visual-Eyes: Looking at Things: Once upon a time Jen went to school for Art History and then graduated and got a job, and now she just wants to talk about buildings that look like ducks (I PROMISE. READ THE COURSE DESCRIPTION.) I am taking this class so I don't sound like an infant when I try to discuss art.

Optical Collusion: Bump and grind some lenses and mirrors! We are going to be putting light into the corner until it bends to our collective will. We'll balance out the sciencetown aspect of it with cool light sculptures involving stuff like electroluminescent panels.

And that's about it! Now please sign up for classes so I can stop telling you to sign up for classes.


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