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Second semester registration is open!

Posted by 81b202da tiny Brooklyn Brainery on feb 12, 2010 under Blog Post

Get hyped, 'cause registration is open for our second semester! Each course meets once a week for a month, so there's plenty of time to dig deep into the topic. We've expanded from four courses to six, and we are ready to get our learn on:

The ever-popular Meat is back, since I can't get enough of introducing people to Chinatown beef jerky. If you've ever wanted to cure bacon or wondered what to do with top round, this is the class for you.

Learn about the daily occurrence we call The Weather in Applied Meteorology. Cold and warm fronts, cumulonimbus clouds, and DIY barometers are all on the menu. Clouds'll still look like sheep, but you'll know what their water-vapor hearts conceal.

I just got a backyard, so Introduction to Gardening is going to help me make the most of it. I wonder about things like seedlings and pruning and what puts the magic in Miracle-Gro, and we'll cover that and more. Even if you live in a shoebox, let's grow some green thumbs!

Modern Poetry will sate your poetical academic desires, and letting you know when it's okay to do that snappy thing you've seen in movies about beatniks. Formalism, modernism, minimalism!

There are a million things you can do with paper and we're going to do them all in Paper Arts. We'll bind books, fold origami, make fancy-pants paper from scratch and a ton more!

Beauty School Dropout is a lot about makeup and a little about hair. We'll cover the history, politics and chemistry of cosmetics, along with more fun things like picking and applying makeup. How can a conditioner give your curls bounce or soothe split ends? We'll find out!

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