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So, our lovely email newsletters keep getting stuck in spam, but we have TONS of new classes, a full list of which is handily provided below. Some of them are even coming up soon, like next week soon, and you don't want the Brainery to be sad and empty, right?

Math & Science
Confused Climates, Wacky Weather, & Exasperated Experts: A Global Warming Primer - Wednesday, June 6
Grains & Grapes: The Story of Alcohol - myths, science & a bit of history Wednesday, June 6 
Introduction to Microbiology - the lowdown on viruses, bacteria and protozoa Thursday, June 7
What is Aquaponics? - all about the farming of the future & how to do it at home Thursday, June 7
Calculus You'll Understand - take on the king of maths starts Tuesday, June 12
City Scourges: Tracking Typhoid, Cholera and Other Age-Old Diseases Still Among Us - Wednesday, July 18 

Making and Doing
Playing with Natural Dyes - dye your own scarves & learn the science Saturday, June 9
Tree Identification - you'll never look at street trees the same way Saturday, June 9
Storytelling 101: How to Tell an Amazing Tale - get comfortable in front of a crowd starts Tuesday, June 12
The Basics of Altering and Fitting - there's life beyond safety pins Tuesday, June 12
Street Photography - the technical, aesthetic, and practical skills you need starts Monday, June 18
Upcycled Aprons - turn two shirts into a brand new apron starts Monday, June 18
Fortunetelling - I see this class in your future starts Thursday, June 21
Make Your Own Stationery - make awesome cards + a carving set to keep Sunday, June 24
Storytelling 201: Storytelling Workshop - hone your stories to perfection starts Monday, July 2
Manage Your Gmail Inbox - keep your inbox from stressing you out Wednesday, July 10
Beginning Calligraphy - multiple sessions
Get Awesome at Cursive - multiple sessions

Reading & Writing & History
Confronting Nietzsche - starts tomorrow, May 31!
Guns & Taxes: The Bill of Rights - our first ten amendments & why they matter today Wednesday, June 13
Hamilton & Jefferson - what the Founding Fathers can teach us about the 2012 election Tuesday, June 19
Queer Poets & Poetry - an introduction to important texts Tuesday, June 19
History of the Bed Bug - our long, long history with a creepy little bug Wednesday, June 27
Punctuation Marks - you simply must know about the interrobang Thursday, June 28
The New York City Subway: A Brief History - Wednesday, July 25

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