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MSG takes on MSG: January's Masters of Social Gastronomy Lecture

To celebrate its one year anniversary, this month's Masters of Social Gastronomy takes on its namesake: monosodium glutamate (MSG)! Savory spice or fatal flavor?

Sarah Lohman of Four Pounds Flour will track MSG back to its source in traditional Japanese food, showing how time and money turned an innocuous plant into the darling of mass production

Soma will take on modern-day interpretations of MSG, from its role...

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We're excited to present our Masters of Social Gastronomy lectures in podcast form. Hooray!

The first two are up now, and we'll add new ones each month. That way, if something pesky like "work" or "not living in New York City" keeps you away from our live events, you'll be able to enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Awesome? Awesome. 

Podcasts that currently exist:


Sarah talks about the ancient origins of candy, and shares her...

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Next Week is Going to Be Super Fun

We're excited to be hosting two free events next week, and you should come to both of them! I'm so excited that I am using gigantic images to illustrate them:


On Monday, February 27, the Backwards Beekeepers of NYC will be presenting the excitingly named Top Wax Chef at the Brainery. They'll give you the rundown on everything you need to know about turning beeswax into useful things like lip balm. RSVP here!


Then on ...

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