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How Passwords Work, in 90 seconds

Tonight in Cryptography I'm going to be going over a lot of modern-day computer security issues, so I figured I'd give you a 90-second rundown of how passwords [should] work.

In the same way that people have fingerprints, so do words and phrases. They're just called hashes instead. And just like with people, practically every bushel of letters has a different hash.

A hash is made with is a formula that takes the word and converts it into a...

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Eat bugs. Not too many. Mostly accidentally.

I was about to buy An Orchard Invisible: A Natural History of Seeds when a quote-spewing review caught my eye:

"In the mid-1970s it was found that orthodox Hindus who had been quite healthy on a vegan diet in their native India began to suffer from a high incidence of megaloblastic anemia after living for some time in England consuming the same diet. The cause was traced to vitamin B-12 deficiency, which in India was prevented by insect...

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Let's Make: Ketchup

In reality, all of the hot sauces we made a few weeks back were just a diversion from our main work of the day: to make awesome homemade ketchup. What we learned and what we did all follows below: 

RULES ABOUT KETCHUP (also, ketchup rules.)

1) You're not making Heinz 57. I'm one of those people who doesn't like organic ketchup because it tastes too healthy and not like ketchup at all. And really, you have to think of this as an entirely...

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