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Posted by 81b202da tiny Brooklyn Brainery on apr 11, 2010 under Blog Post

Honestly, a lot is about to happen.

We'll be releasing our May semester course list this week, with not six but with an amazing eight different classes, spanning the gamut from perfume to brain science. Get on the mailing list for first dibs.

Workshops are on the way! Instead of dedicating yourself to something for a full four weeks (it's hard, we know), we're going to start pulling out one day short courses. We'll try to keep them on the free side, too. Again: mailing list!

We're also starting a drive to find interesting people out there who'd enjoy leading classes - if you are interested in absolutely anything or know anyone who is neat in the slightest, go fill out this fun-times form. You don't need to be an expert. You don't need a PhD from a highly esteemed East-coast university. You just need a tiny pinch of passion and everything goes from there.

AND IN ADDITION: ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ANYTHING AT ALL? TELL US WHAT IT IS. We can't have a class about it if we don't know that you want it!

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