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Like High School, but Better

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on jan 17, 2011 under Blog Post

We're looking for some teachers to lead classes on the intentionally vague subjects below, for a series of classes that can best be described as back-to-high-school-but-way-cooler

You're highly encouraged to volunteer yourself or your unsuspecting genius friends over on our teacher suggestion page.  

*Math + Science - whether it's straight up geometry, something more pop-sci, an intro to physics, food chemistry, or how to make a home lab, we're pretty much interested in it all.

*History - of places near and far, of things, of movements, whatever. 

*Literature + Art - we had a wicked poetry class last spring, and everyone wants more!   

*Foreign Languages - all of them! Because why not. 

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