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Pythagoras, the Superior Vegetarian

Next Tuesday we're hosting a Masters of Social Gastronomy on taboo foods. We'll be talking about everything from cannibalism to, well, things like what you're about to read. It's free, and full of beer, so you might as well RSVP now.

Pythagoras! The very name should strike theorems into your heart. a2 + b2 = c2, to be exact.


Pythagoras wasn't just some middle school math teacher hanging out in Greece, though. Mathematics was so central...

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Take a Class this Week

If you're looking to learn something ASAP, we've got all sorts of stuff headed your way. 

Sizes of Infinity - Wednesday, August 15, 6-8pm. 

The first time we ran this class, people stood outside watching for a really long time. It was impressive. There're only a couple spots left, so sign up quickly!

Barter Your Way Through Life - Thursday, August 16, 8:30-10pm

Learn how to make bartering a part of your life, right now. 


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Help Us Plan Some Math Classes!

We're working with Paul, who writes the math-focused blog Lost in Recursion, to come up with some mathy classes for the summer. Most importantly though, we need your feedback!

Let us know what topics, from the list below, you think might be most interesting/useful/fun to tackle. Just leave a comment below, and thanks in advance for being awesome. Feel free to suggest your own ideas as well. 


Sizes of Infinity

Mathematical Art


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May 2: Data Viz Show & Tell

Crunching numbers and plotting points doesn't sound like the hippest thing in the world, so let's overcorrect by partying down about it.

Here at the Brainery we've been rocking this Data Visualization course for the past month, and now that we've cranked out some wicked infographics we need to show 'em to the world. Enter: Data Viz Show & Tell, Monday May 2nd, 7pm.

We'll be putting the result of all of our hard work on display with a few...

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