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The Great DIY Imitation Maple Syrup Experiment, Part I

If you're just a sucker for pictures you can roll right into the slideshow.

Remember that time Michael Ruhlman did the BLT From Scratch Challenge? While the winners ran off with limitless internet foodie fame, the rest of us made off with tips and tricks for making bacon in our own kitchen with some combination of pork belly, sodium nitrite and ingenuity.

Bacon recipes and breakfasts in general are always asking you for maple syrup this,...

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New Class! Music Theory for Non-Musicians

Hey dudes, a new August class for you! Sign up here!

From the description:

Music is sometimes called the "universal language", but if you don't know how that language is put together, you may not be understanding everything that is being said to you.

This class will give non-musicians the tools and knowledge you need to understand how music works, how music is constructed, and where our current music came from.

Topics will be brought to life...

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What The Internet Is For: Bikes, and Tying Your Shoes

What The Internet Is For (WTIIF, natch) is a series about sites on the Internet that are maintained by one person and are crazy in-depth on a single topic. And are awesome.

Hat tip for the name goes to zamboni on Metafilter, who posted this amazing list last year.

First: Yes, those are my shoes. We'll get to how I did such an absurd thing later.

Today we're gonna talk about bikes! And shoelacing, because you might wear shoes on your bike....

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Link Round Up!

One of our very favorite things is seeing peoples' experiences at the Brainery pop up all over the internet. And since we pretty much love that more than anything, we thought we should share them here for the whole world to see.

Here are a few recent posts from our teachers and participants:

From DIY Food Photography

The Brooklyn Baker on French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes. Not only do they photograph well, they're really delicious. I could have...

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