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Historic Gastronomy at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Starting very soon, Sarah Lohman, a historic gastronimist extraordinaire and one of our all-time favorite Brainery teachers, will be giving a series of lectures at the Brooklyn Historical Society. You should go to them! All the details are below.

Timeline of Taste, Thursday, September 1

In A Timeline of Taste Sarah Lohman will take you on a journey from 1800-1950, making a pit stop every fifty years to explore the tastes of a...

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New Class: Storytelling on the Radio

We're really excited to be working with the awesome Jennifer Mattson on this class, where you'll learn everything from the super practical skill of pitching a story to the generally-important-for-life skill of telling your story orally. 

From the description: 

In this three-week course, you will learn the basics of how to write for the ear, how to craft a storyread your copy on air, and practical advice on how to...

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August + September Classes Up

We've just announced lots and lots of late summer timed and themed (basil, tomatoes, rieslings) classes for your pleasure, along with a smattering of September courses. All are here, and more coming soon.

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Link Round Up, Round 2

Like we said before, one of the best things about the Brainery is seeing the stuff that comes out of your experiences in our classes.

And since we like showing that off, we can't fail to call attention to what are by far the best notes from Living Philosophy that will ever exist. They're so good that Ryan swears he's using them to prep for teaching.  Session 1, Session 2, Session 3.

We're also continuously beyond flattered that any and...

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There is so much going on next week!

at the Brainery. Here's a quick rundown of classes that still have spots available.

Monday - Haitian Creole starts (pictured above), and Music Theory wraps up.

Tuesday - Our Essential Economics class starts. It will be awesome and make you at least 147% smarter than your friends. $30 for three sessions!

Wednesday - Our final lecture with Ben Feldman at the Brooklyn Historical Society involves lots of blood and gore as we discuss the...

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