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Work with us!

Update!: Hey, so we filled the spot, that's pretty awesome, right? If you haven't heard back from us yet I promise it's not because we're a terrible evil faceless corporation, it's just that we received a ton of applications and haven't had a chance to respond to all of you yet! Thanks to everyone who applied, we really appreciate it!


It's finally happened: we're hiring! We're looking for an awesome person to help out with all sorts...

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Our Teachers Have Awesome Blogs

Four Pounds Flour - by Sarah, who taught a wicked class on Historic Gastronomy

Borough Bees - by Tim, dare I say this is the best beekeeping blog in the city?

Make Something Happen - by Rachel, who is teaching ethnographic research methods this June

KEEPS - by Peter, who taught us all how to make our own banh mi, though his blog is about all sorts of interesting stuff

The Paper Collective - just launched! Super fun crowdsourced art projects in...

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Class Recap

What's been going on at the Brainery

We've been super busy with a million classes, and even though we lost our camera charger for awhile, we managed to rustle up some photos from the past few weeks.

To wrap up our Data Viz class, we held a show and tell for people to demo their projects. Although there was much discussion of Chernoff Faces and pivot tables, Soma went low-tech with a drawing of the Brainery's activities over the past year or so. (above)

In our banh...

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