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Backward Beekeeping Workshops!

Backward Beekeeping in an LA based movement to organically raise bees without any chemicals, pesticides or other foms of treatment. 

Next weekend, California's coming to Brooklyn to spread the word about their methods to local beekeepers, and we're excited to be hosting a talk with Kirk Anderson and Sam Comfort on Saturday, July 9th. You're all invited to head over to the Brainery at 1pm, no rsvp needed! The workshop will be followed by a...

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How GMO Will Save Organic Agriculture

Holy shit guys, do you know what I learned the other night? I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you right now.

DNA class married a lot of stuff I knew about factory farming and natural vs. synthetic ingredient debates with the basic building blocks of genetically modified food. And y'know what? Organic farming is never going to be environmentally sustainable and a meaningful food source unless it embraces GMO technology. How's that for a...

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Awesome Post July 4 Classes

Take a class with us next week, because you can't stay at the beach forever. 

Filmmaking 101 - Just because you're shooting video it on an iPhone doesn't mean your video has to suck. We'll cover interview techniques, lighting, and more to help you get the most out of that tiny movie making machine. 

Knish History! - USA and International, featuring tastings and general awesomeness.

Making Sense of Your Senses - ...

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Step-by-Step: Paper Flowers

After the amazing 'Paper flower construction' workshop, we wanted to share the knowledge-wealth. These things are easy to make, and they look awesome. People created some serious blooms at that workshop. So, here's a tutorial for a simple stack-based flower.

You will need:
-About 10 squares of tissue paper, all (roughly) the same size
-About 10 squares of a different color tissue paper, all the same size, but a bit smaller than the first lot...

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New Events at the Brooklyn Historical Society!

A couple weeks back, we hosted a super fun lecture with the Brooklyn Historical Society with Ben Feldman, a local historian who happens to be an awesome storyteller.

In case you missed that one, we have more events lined up with Ben and BHS later this summer. Come to one, or geek out and attend all of them! Your ticket purchase on August 3 + 10 also gets you a free Brooklyn Brewery beer!

For tickets and more details, visit these...

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