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Summer Sights and Sounds with Atlas Obscura

Our friends at Atlas Obscura are giving you two ways kick start your summer fun.

What do you get when you combine Joe Pera (Adult Swim, Late Night w/ Seth Meyers), Jo Livingstone (The New Republic), Noah Levine (Tannen's Magic Shop), and more in one space? Rule breakers presenting a live variety show full of sin. These special guests will join the writers and editors of Atlas Obscura along with former SASS speakers for Atlas Obscura LIVE! SIN...

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Brainery Tote Bag Sale! $10 with Free Shipping

We have a big box of Brainery totes and decided to offer them up on super sale!

You can order one for $10 and we'll ship it to you free. They're designed by the wonderful illustrator Kaye Blegvad, and there are limited quantities, so be sure to grab one soon. 


Made in the USA from heavy duty natural canvas, measures 13" wide x 14" tall, with  3" gussets

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A Few of Our Favorite Supplies: Block Printing

One of the hardest things about starting a new hobby is figuring out exactly what stuff you need to get going. We wanted to put together a quick series of posts looking at the essentials for different crafty pursuits. Up next: block printing

Block printing is a great, simple way to create custom stamps for stationery or printmaking projects. 

Carving Block: Linoleum, EZ Carve, or Moo 

First things first: if you're...

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