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Our Pesky Neighbors: Learn about Vermin & Pests at the Brooklyn Historical Society

This fall, we're partnering with the Brooklyn Historical Society to bring you discussions about some of our city's favorite wildlife. 

Part 1: Pigeons - Monday, November 7

Learn about the "rats of the sky": pigeons. Find out how they got here and how they've adapted so well to our urban environment.

Part 2: Bugs - Monday, November 14

Cockroaches or bed bugs, which are worse? Entomologists, exterminators, and other experts...

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Drawing + Mindfulness Retreat

This fall, join Brainery teacher Christine Garvey and Josh Bobrow in exploring the relationship between presence and creativity at their Drawing + Mindfulness Retreat in the Catskills. Through a combination of restorative and flow yoga, guided meditation and mindfulness workshops, and a dedicated drawing-from-observation course, students will explore a rich and multi-faceted mindfulness practice that aims to create space for...

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September Nonprofit Spotlight: Bushwick Street Cats

This month, Bushwick Street Cats will receive this month's donation of 5% of our monthly gift certificate sales. 

Bushwick Street Cats is an all-volunteer nonprofit dedicated to reducing the free-roaming cat population in Bushwick (and the surrounding area) through the use of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Whenever tame cats are found during the TNR process, they're fostered and found homes. 

If you know of a NYC-based nonprofit...

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