Summer Sights and Sounds with Atlas Obscura

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on jun 4, 2017 under Event

Our friends at Atlas Obscura are giving you two ways kick start your summer fun.

What do you get when you combine Joe Pera (Adult Swim, Late Night w/ Seth Meyers), Jo Livingstone (The New Republic), Noah Levine (Tannen's Magic Shop), and more in one space? Rule breakers presenting a live variety show full of sin. These special guests will join the writers and editors of Atlas Obscura along with former SASS speakers for Atlas Obscura LIVE! SIN on Thursday, June 8th. Performers, comedians, musicians, and storytellers take the stage to share how you can have the most sinful summer.

Then put on your spiffiest gear or don a flower crown while exploring the rejuvenated historical grounds of Untermyer Park. Spend an evening exploring New York’s best-kept secret garden at The Great Forgotten Garden Party on Saturday, June 10th. Smell the roses, and take a stroll along the forest pathways. Enjoy a night of wonder, in a space that hosted everyone from notable figures and artists of the twentieth century to lovers of the dark arts. Take in the vast history, admire the architecture of this legendary space, and frolic along the grass while enjoying special performances.

Whether you’re laughing with icons or get your groove on at a garden party, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

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