New Semester and The New York Times!

Posted by 81b202da tiny Brooklyn Brainery on sep 17, 2010 under Blog Post

Our next semester starts Monday (with a knife skills workshop!) and we're pretty excited about all the awesome classes coming up (and their equally awesome teachers) over the next month.

Things are mostly full for this semester, but If you want to hear whether any spots open up, follow us over on twitter (@bkbrains) or check us out on Facebook. You can always email us too if you want to be placed on any wait lists. You should email us anyway. 

A couple other things while we're here: our beekeeping class teacher Tim has started a great blog on urban beekeeping; it's a really good read. You can also check out a super informative interview with him over here

And on October 9, Soma's leading an ice cream making workshop at this year's Brooklyn Skillshare! It's at 11:15 in the morning, which is definitely not too early to think about ice cream. 

On top of all that, we were admittedly pretty blown away to see that the Brainery's mentioned in today's Weekend Miser column in the Times. The New York Times! Yes!

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