LifeLabs New York!

Posted by 81b202da tiny Brooklyn Brainery on sep 8, 2010 under Blog Post

For a whole bunch of months, we've been collecting your ideas for class topics over here. They're absolutely great and kinda my favorite thing to read, not to mention hugely helpful in planning out the semester. (Keep 'em coming!)

And while there's lots of suggestions you'd probably expect, things like sewing and cheese and photography, there's also a whole lot more abstract ideas, like how to tell better stories, avoid awkward silences, or become more observant. 

I'd love to have, and take classes, on all those less tangible things, so I've got to mention the awesome LifeLabs New York, a place that's got a whole slew of courses on this kind of stuff. Sessions are broken down into daylong intensives or once a week courses, and yep, you'll learn all about having better conversations or giving good advice. And some are only $30, equally awesome. 

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