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Hey everyone!

First and most importantly, we're about to open a whole new round of classes next week - keep an eye out here and sign up for the mailing list to hear about 'em first!

If you're interested in the stuff we covered last semester, check out a few course wrap-ups on coffee and NYC history (part 1 and part 2).

What else? We're seriously hunting for a permanent space, spending half the day scrolling through Craigslist for new leads and the rest of it walking around Brooklyn scouting out "For Rent" signs. More updates as things progress on that front!

If you donated to our Kickstarter campaign to help find a space, you're likely getting a tote bag for your troubles, and you'll be happy to know hundreds of blank ones are in transit to us at this very moment.

We'll be spending the next couple of weeks screen printing them and then mailing them to you from one of Brooklyn's notoriously long-lined Post Offices. Good news is we'll have a bunch of extras, so if you're itching to add one to your wardrobe, you'll be able to buy one on this very website very shortly.

And finally, if you prefer your Brainery updates in a form other than writing, you can check out an episode of Electric Sheep all about DIY Education (featuring the awesome NYC Resistor as well) or even a video

As always, send us your ideas and whatever else (real estate advice?!) to


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