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Our web site is up! That means we're one step closer to us teaching you and you teaching us and you (sing.) teaching you (pl.) and it will all just be very excellent together.

Pretty much Jen and I spend a horrifying amount of time going to lectures and taking classes. Whether it's a talk on Papua New Guinea Secret Science Club, metalworking at 3rd Ward, something about embalming at Observatory, we've got a lot of learning going on. But I'll be damned if everything we do isn't either short or expensive. Lectures are great, but sometimes you want a little more of an in-depth look at something. And as for the latter, I'm admirably cheap.

Enter Brooklyn Brainery! Cheap, weekly classes of all stripes. How do we do it? First, another anecdote!

I've been taking some cobbling classes at FIT and decided I wanted to learn a bit about perfumes. But, oh burn!, not being a Cosmetics & Fragrances graduate student kept me out of every single slightly awesome class. Cue despair, and a lot of my mumbling and grumbling along the lines of "I could do all of this myself!"

And so we're going to.

Take a bunch of people who want to learn the same thing. Find some materials they can use to teach themselves. Give them instructors whose job is not to teach, but facilitate. These people will learn.

If you (over there) have read every wikipedia page related to steam disillation and you (right here) have read The Secret of Scent and someone over there actually wears perfume we've got a pretty good start to a collaborative learning experience. Everyone brings something different to the table, even if it's just curiosity. Add in someone whose job it is to keep us on task (that's me!) and you are going to learn the hell out of some scents.

So, that's us! If I've gotten you sufficiently psyched you can check out the course offerings, or if you'd like to read a little more about us you can check out the about us page.

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