Tarot 201: Interpreting Card Spreads & Reading Others

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Taught by Nicole Holst

Nicole Holst is a lifelong intuitive, professional tarot reader and spiritual life coach who has done hundreds of readings with validated accuracy. She believes Tarot is a powerful tool to see your intuition on paper and that it empowers you to make decisions aligned with your greatest potential by making your subconscious conscious. (Carl Jung believed this too!) Nicole encourages everyone to learn the art of Tarot as a way to tap into your soul for answers and direction on your unique journey. As she says, “The cards never lie.” See more about Nicole and her philosophy on Tarot, plus common myths debunked, at www.followyoursoulpath.com. Nicole is available for personal readings, private parties, corporate events, and online group readings. Email her to learn more at nicole@followyoursoulpath.com.


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For those who have completed Tarot 101 and want to continue their practice (recommended, but not required), or those who have some experience reading cards in the past or present and want to develop their interpretation skills. Learn how to interpret card readings and spreads on a deeper level by learning to trust your intuitive feelings and nuances that stand out to you. You’ll also hone the ability to read other people in a safe space where you are free to practice without fear of judgment or inaccuracy — it’s an open learning environment for anyone interested!

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Interpret the subtle symbolism of individual cards to infuse your readings with profound meaning

  • Uncover the overall theme of full spreads by looking at order, layout, storyline, and how adjacent cards relate to each other

  • Read reversals and the different ways in which they can be interpreted

  • Add oracle cards to supplement Tarot readings as “advice cards” to sum up the message of the reading or add another layer of meaning

  • Read other people like a pro and feel confident that you can get validated, accurate readings every time.

Hour 1: I’ll lead an interactive presentation with plenty of time to practice interpreting and ask any questions you may have.

Hour 2: You’ll pair up with a partner and practice reading each other. Then we will share what you learned!

*Required: Please bring your own Tarot deck from Tarot 101 or your own deck. Optional: Purchase an oracle card deck or affirmation deck of your choice to bring or you can borrow one which will be provided for the class session only. These can be purchased at a spiritual store or online and you can choose any deck that looks interesting to you or that you feel guided to. (What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle decks? Oracle decks have one-word messages or phrases, not the traditional Tarot imagery/suits.)

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