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Things we learned this week:

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We've got some new classes starting tonight and next week (lots of food, and bees too, for good measure), but in the meantime, here're some random fun things we've learned over the past couple of weeks in Knife Skills, Pseudoscience, and Astronomy. 

Emily's lead a couple of one-night knife skills workshops over the past couple of weeks, and if there's one lesson to be learned about knives, it's that they should be sharp! Always! To keep 'em sharp, grab a whetstone at the hardware store for a few bucks and check out an online tutorial on how to do it. (thanks to Emily for the tip!)

In Astronomy, we've learned that you can in fact see stars in the city. Last week we looked at Jupiter, when the planet got as close to the Earth as it's been in 40 years. So close that you could (and still can) see four of its moons with some binoculars, which is pretty cool. Look for it in the east, it'll be really bright throughout October.

And last night in Pseudoscience, we practiced some Astrology by reading our own birth charts. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born and, supposedly, tells you all kinds of things about your personality.

The two most important things on your chart? Your Sun sign, which is the Zodiac sign everyone knows about, and your Ascendant, which almost no one does. Your Sun sign reveals your "deepest essential nature," while the Ascendant is more like the way you present yourself to the outside world. (You need a birth chart to get your Ascendant, which you can get right over here.) Whether any of it's real is another question entirely. 

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