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Hey! If you're coming to us from the NYTimes article, awesome.

Right now, we're working hard on putting together our June class schedule. It'll be released in about a week, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to hear when they're opened for registration. In the meantime, check out what we're offering in May.

So, what's our deal?
Brooklyn Brainery is all about accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education. We were tired of paying hundreds of dollars to take classes around NYC, so we host cheap classes on anything and everything. All of our course topics are dreamed up and suggested by you, and our teachers are a group of awesome people from around Brooklyn and the whole city.

Classes meet for either one, two, or three weeks, and we keep them as inexpensive as possible (something like $30 for a bunch of class sessions), because you shouldn't have to spend a paycheck to learn something new.

What we teach
If you can make it, read it or think it, we're probably open to it. It can be crafty, foody, academic-y, whatever you'd like, and you don't need to be an expert to teach, just have a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others.  Want to teach a class? Learn more.

What else?
We'll soon be opening our space in Carroll Gardens during the day for creative coworking. Sign up to learn more.

Talk to us! Reach us at, @bkbrains, and on Facebook or Tumblr.

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