Lisa Jacob
Lisa Jacob

Our Teachers Do Awesome Things - Food Edition

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on dec 12, 2011 under Blog Post

We're lucky to have an incredibly talented assortment of chefs, writers, and wonderfully curious people sharing their knowledge on all things food at the Brainery.

You can track them down on their personal sites below, and let us know if we should offer their classes again by clicking the "Want us to repeat this class?" button on each course page. 

Emilie Friedman

Teaches: Make Your Own Ravioli and Latkes!

Find her at:

Sarah Lohman

Teaches: a whole bunch of things! Bitters, ice cream, and punches

Find her at: Four Pounds Flour

Diana Kuan

Teaches: Wontons & Dumplings

Find her at: Appetite for China 

Drake Page

Teaches: Indian Condiments, Home Canning, + Chutneys!

Find him at: The DP Chutney Collective


Teaches: Cake Decorating Basics

Find her at: Butter Me Up Brooklyn

AJ Simone

Teaches: DIY Holiday Gifts

Find him at: Handjobs for the Home

Scott Wiener

Teaches: Tomatoes and The History of Pizza

Find him at: Scott's Pizza Tours



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