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Remember that time we had that party with the crawfish and the trivia and the all-of-that? My favorite part wasn't the steam burns, but instead a wonderful little test we put together for the anniversary of the SAT.

Over the next month or so we're going to review these questions one-by-one, giving you the answers along with hopefully-interesting background. I'll also somehow work in the best-received trivia question, which featured famous astronomers, fake noses and a dead drunk moose. You'll have to wait a bit on that one, though!

Want to try your hand at the test? Here we go, in all its multiple-chioce glory:



1. You’re at a party in a cell hoping to impress the Golgi body. Apparently they recycle. Where do you toss your leftovers?

A. Ribosome

B. Vacuole

C. Endoplasmic reticulum

D. Lysosomes


2. How many planets would they count on July 17, 1844? 

A. 5

B. 7

C. 8

D. 9


3. Pythagoras had a lot of rules about the universe, and they weren't all mathematical. What could his followers not eat?

A. Mint

B. Beans

C. Squash

D. Garlic


4. Which is the most fake dinosaur?

A. Velociraptor

B. Brontosaurus

C. Stegosaurus

D. T. Rex


5. Put on your chemist cap and do the following math: 25 - 5.25 - 0.525 = 

A. 19.225

B. 19.23

C. 19

D. 20


6. Not a kind of angle

A. Irrational

B. Hyperbolic

C. Complimentary

D. Obtuse



7. In a fit of self-doubt thanks to his dear wife Zelda, Fitzgerald showed his boy parts to which Lost Generation writer?

A. Gertrude Stein

B. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

C. Ernest Hemingway

D. T.S. Eliot


8. This poetic de

vice is called:

A. Chiasmus

B. Enjambment

C. Apostrophe

D. Antanaclasis


9. Dawn

A. Rosy-fingered

B. Bronze-shouldered

C. Driver of horses

D. Wine-dark


10. Which of the following did Hercules not steal?

A. Apollo's cattle

B. Hippolyta's girdle

C. The Hesperides's apples

D. Diomedes's Mates


11. Crawfish, crawfish, and more crawfish.

A. Comma splice

B. Aposiopesis

C. Oxford comma

D. Interrobang


12. Edna sleeps with the fishes in

A. A Doll's House

B. Jane Eyre

C. Wuthering Heights

D. The Awakening



13. Eratosthenes was an ancient Greek who was always second best at everything. What was he doing at the bottom of a well?

A. Hiding from Aristotle

B. Measuring the earth

C. Measuring the moon

D. Measuring the tides


14. Which line of latitude has never been politically important to America?

A. 35º 15'

B. 36º 30' 

C. 38º 0'

D. 54º 40'


15. Who didn't have syphilis?

A. Al Capone

B. Henry VIII

C. Joan of Arc

D. Ben Franklin


16. Who was born first?

A. Christopher Columbus

B. Galileo Galilei

C. Copernicus

D. Amerigo Vespucci



17.γ‚’γ‚€γ‚Ήγ‚―γƒͺγƒΌγƒ ?

A. Ice cream

B. Hamburger

C. Karaoke

D. Whiskey


18. Ouvrez la

A. chien

B. porte

C. pomme

D. chambre


19. Bam bas bat bamus batis bant!

A. Perfect

B. Pluperfect

C. Imperfect

D. Future perfect



20. K

A. Black

B. White

C. Yellow

D. Cyan


21. A web designer walks into a bar. Why does he leave?

A. He's just passing through

B. The bartender didn't react

C. He doesn't like the table layout

D. He's a fun guy


22. Vincent Connare designed which font?

A. Papyrus

B. Zapfino

C. Comic Sans

D. Helvetica



23. How many subway lines run through or in Brooklyn?

A. 9

B. 12

C. 16

D. 18


24. Not one of the founding towns of Brooklyn

A. Breuckelen

B. Bushwick

C. Flatbush

D. Gowanus


25. Bánh mì in the back of a jewelry shop can be found 

A. On Mosco St

B. On Grand St

C. On Mulberry St

D. On Mott St



26. This soup is made out of spit, what's it called? 

A. Shark fin soup

B. Dan dan soup

C. Birds nest soup

D. Black fungus soup


27. #1 gin botanical

A. Fennel

B. Juniper

C. Angelica root

D. Quinine


28. What's an edible byproduct of the paper industry?

A. Xanthan gum


C. Candy cigarettes

D. Artificial vanilla


29. How hot does your peanut brittle need to get, and what is that stage called on a candy thermometer?

A. 300, hard crack

B. 290, hard ball

C. 250, firm crack

D. 275, caramelize


30. You'll find prik kee noo chilies most often paired with

A. Black cardamom

B. Berbere

C. Rotting meat

D. Fish sauce



31. Strum a triad for us

A. 0, 3, 9

B. 1, 3, 5

C. 3, 13, 33

D. 1, 3, 9


32. Which of the following helps maintain moisture content in potting soil?

A. Styrofoam

B. Volcanic glass

C. Compost

D. Coffee grounds


33. Hey hold this for a second!

A. Backstitch

B. Running stitch

C. Blind stitch

D. Basting stitch


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