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Historic Gastronomy at the Brooklyn Historical Society

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Starting very soon, Sarah Lohman, a historic gastronimist extraordinaire and one of our all-time favorite Brainery teachers, will be giving a series of lectures at the Brooklyn Historical Society. You should go to them! All the details are below.

Timeline of Taste, Thursday, September 1

In A Timeline of Taste Sarah Lohman will take you on a journey from 1800-1950, making a pit stop every fifty years to explore the tastes of a particular time. You'll get to smell and sample the spices, fruits, extracts, and other ingredients that defined the flavors of each time period. From rosewater to vanilla, nutmeg to cinnamon, citron to reddi-whip, Sarah will discuss why these flavors were popular and how they were used in day- to-day cooking. 

Tickets: $8 BHS members/$10 non-members. Purchase your ticket here.

Rewriting Recipes,  Thursday, September 15

Sarah Lohman is here to help you negotiate the difficulties of translating historic recipes. In Rewriting Recipes, she'll use BHS’s historic Lefferts Family cookbook to teach how to interpret historic recipes. Lohman will unveil tricks to modernize these recipes for today's kitchen: how to interpret amounts, flesh out directions, and find comparable ingredients.

Tickets: $8 BHS members/$10 non-members. Purchase your ticket here.

The Big Apple:  Historic Cocktails with Regional Apple Alcohols, Thursday, October 20

Apple cider, apple brandy, and applejack are complex alcohols that are infinitely mixable. While sipping drinks, guests will hear a short talk on the history of apple alcohol in New York. Afterward, participants will learn how to make three historic apple cocktails: the refreshing, spicy Jersey Cocktail; the warm and comforting Apple Toddy; and the sweet, meringue-like Tiger's Milk Punch. These drinks will feature local apple alcohols made from traditional recipes. Participants will work with educators in small groups, learning about the history of each drink as they imbibe their handmade cocktails.

Ticket: $30 BHS members/$40 non-members. Purchase your ticket here


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