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Sowing the Seeds for a Fair Farm Bill

Join us on April 18 at 7pm for a discussion about national food policy in this country and ways that you can advocate for inclusion of ethical and sustainable principals into the Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill is national legislation released once every four or five years to guide food policy decisions in the U.S. It sets the stage for numerous programs and initiatives like food assistance, commodity subsidies, research support,...

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Put Our Space To Use

We have this lovely, sunny space in Carroll Gardens that's mostly empty during the day, and we want to put it to better use. Specifically, we want to open it for you all to work on projects of all sorts—whether it’s something on your computer or something hands on that requires a bit more space than your apartment provides. 

We’re thinking it’ll be social and laid back, with lunches and snacks and all of that, and...

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Teacher Wishlist

We thought it was time to put together a list of specific classes we'd love to host and need teachers for--if you or anyone you know would be interested in leading a session or two on the following, leave us a rec on our suggestion page!

NYC Urban Planning
Foreign Languages (especially Polish!)
Knot Tying
Small Engines
Coin Magic
Cake Decorating
Terrariums + Gardening
How to have awesome conversations

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