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In Search Of: Wintertime Hobbies

Posted by 6ff74e82 tiny Jonathan Soma on nov 14, 2011 under Blog Post

If I had my way about things, I'd just hibernate until spring. Since only bears and frogs get that luxury, though, it's time to dig out some wintertime hobbies.

As far as I can tell, cold weather is all about baking. Butter stays firm, helping make flaky pie crusts, and doughs rise nice and slow giving a better (if more patience-requiring) flavor. It's also a great excuse to keep your oven on all day - "I swear it's still pre-heating!" - to combat drafty windows and roommates that like to inexplicably open windows.

But hey, can't spend four months in the kitchen! Any ideas for specifically wintertime hobbies we can pick up and even have classes on? We've got a while until maple-syrup-tapping weather hits us, so I'm counting on you to keep me occupied!

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