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There is so much going on next week!

at the Brainery. Here's a quick rundown of classes that still have spots available.

Monday - Haitian Creole starts (pictured above), and Music Theory wraps up.

Tuesday - Our Essential Economics class starts. It will be awesome and make you at least 147% smarter than your friends. $30 for three sessions!

Wednesday - Our final lecture with Ben Feldman at the Brooklyn Historical Society involves lots of blood and gore as we discuss the...

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July Classes Open

Our first batch of July classes are now open for registration. We're going to start releasing things twice a month, just to give everyone more of a fighting chance for spots. 

Read all about them over here

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First time here?

Hey! If you're coming to us from the NYTimes article, awesome.

Right now, we're working hard on putting together our June class schedule. It'll be released in about a week, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to hear when they're opened for registration. In the meantime, check out what we're offering in May.

So, what's our deal?
Brooklyn Brainery is all about accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education. We were tired...

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May 7 at the Brainery: Zombies + Ice Cream

On Saturday, May 7, from 7-10pm, we’re hosting what is sure to be the best zombie movie/charity event you’ve ever been to. Details below, and no rsvp necessary.

African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) helps women care for children in rural South Africa who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV. Two ASAP volunteers who worked in the South African bush for over a year, made a…wait for it…short, ZOMBIE MOVIE...

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