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Things we learned this week:

We've got some new classes starting tonight and next week (lots of food, and bees too, for good measure), but in the meantime, here're some random fun things we've learned over the past couple of weeks in Knife Skills, Pseudoscience, and Astronomy. 

Emily's lead a couple of one-night knife skills workshops over the past couple of weeks, and if there's one lesson to be learned about knives, it's that they should be sharp! Always! To...

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time out new york!

Hey hey we're in Time Out New York! We sound alarmingly interesting in it, too.

In other news I got one of the telescope building books for Optical Collusion in the mail yesterday and it is crazy. Did you know you shouldn't look at stars over the tops of houses? Apparently heat rises off of roofs at night and creates distortion in the air which makes the stars flickery and blurrier. You're already struggling enough trying to get your...

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dear everyone in my class at F.I.T.

Dear everyone in my class at F.I.T. who I just preached to (and everyone else, for that matter!),

We need you to take these classes. For serious.

The thing that makes Brooklyn Brainery work is the people in the classes, and what they bring to it. Since we don't have an official bossy teacher, a lot of the class relies on our backgrounds and experiences and own personal knowledge to. Maybe I know about Ethiopian food, and Jen knows about what...

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