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Where we go in Carroll Gardens

We get asked all the time where to eat dinner or get coffee or a beer, so I thought I'd make a handy little list of places for you to keep in mind the next time you're down here. They're all pretty cheap (we're broke) and within a few block radius of the Brainery, but feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments!

Where we eat on a normal day: Line Bagels 

This is the bagel shop right near the Smith-9th Street station. They...

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A Question: The Nooks and Crannies of Food and Drink

How to Cook Normal Things Normally in your Normal Kitchen classes are fun and good and nice and useful, but let's be honest: we love niche food classes. Like, love love niche food classes.

There's something alluring about digging down deep into an unknown topic - we've covered how to cook Ethiopian and shopping in Chinatown, we did three weeks on pizza and a whole night on bánh mì. In January we're looking at sour...

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Our Teachers Do Awesome Things - Food Edition

We're lucky to have an incredibly talented assortment of chefs, writers, and wonderfully curious people sharing their knowledge on all things food at the Brainery.

You can track them down on their personal sites below, and let us know if we should offer their classes again by clicking the "Want us to repeat this class?" button on each course page. 

Emilie Friedman

Teaches: Make Your Own Ravioli and Latkes!

Find her at: ...

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More New Classes! Punch, Prints + More!

Yep, December is the busiest month ever, but you can't possibly go to a holiday party every single night, can you? (Well, maybe you can.) 

Some highlights?

Lots of things to make those parties more awesome: punch, bitters, dumplings, ravioli, and an explanation of where some holiday traditions come from

Things to do inside during the winter: archery, chess, screenprinting, video making on your phone

Things that don't really fit into...

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When Cheese Doesn't Melt

I was flipping through On Food and Cooking by the awesome Harold McGee tonight and stumbled on the #1 fact of all time:

Cheeses made with rennet melt, while cheeses made with acids don't. 

This is amazing! We've all tried to make a grilled cheese with some leftover queso blanco (haven't we?) only to discover that it doesn't work at all, much to our disappointment.  Well, now you know that it's because queso blanco, along with...

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