A Question: The Nooks and Crannies of Food and Drink

Posted by 78a7e62a tiny Jonathan Soma on dec 19, 2011 under Blog Post

How to Cook Normal Things Normally in your Normal Kitchen classes are fun and good and nice and useful, but let's be honest: we love niche food classes. Like, love love niche food classes.

There's something alluring about digging down deep into an unknown topic - we've covered how to cook Ethiopian and shopping in Chinatown, we did three weeks on pizza and a whole night on bánh mì. In January we're looking at sour beer.

Here is Brooklyn we've got experts about everything, and they love to share what they know. There's a practically limitless supply of these classes we can find for you, which brings us to the question:

What are some slightly (or obscenely) specific food-related topics you're interested in? We aren't talking Knife Skills or Eating Vegetables here, but rather The History of Japanese Knives, or What Bitter Melon Can Do For You.

We'd love your input as we flesh out January's calendar and onward. Leave a comment below and we'll see what we can do for you!

(Do you like the picture of that weird Indonesian yeast cake thing? Look forward to a class about that, for sure.)

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